"User Centric" Product Design Leader, Researcher, Design Thinker, Innovator & Complex Problem Solver.

I enjoy working with talented product development teams to solve real world problems by using proven processes and agile methodologies to identify, research, collaborate, create, test and develop digital product solutions that impact customers in a positive way.

Technology Business Professional, Servant Leader, Product Manager, Positive Disruptor & Executive Strategist.

There's often two sides to every story. Understanding, aligning, risk mitigating & executing business requirements is a craft. I enjoy helping business stakeholders and product development teams come to the table, collaborate, align and develop high/low level product roadmaps to execute/deliver professional quality digital products, on-time and on-budget. Consistently evaluating yearly/quarterly goals, financing, budgets, team, performance, blockers, limitations, and strategies, with all parties involved.