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Creative Director of Technology, Senior UI/UX, Concept & Visual Designer.

This one holds dear to my heart. For a little over a year I had the pleasure of working alongside a very passionate, innovative and experienced team of entrepreneurs. Working alongside the founders and executives, I had the exciting task and responsibility to: take their visions, design the products, assist with growing the business and brand, managing the initial development teams, consulting on strategy, assisting with hiring, user testing and quality assurance to name a few. As with every project you take away something special. I'll never forget how proud I felt to watch my executive team present our products to President Barack Obama of the United States LIVE on whitehouse.org/live.


  • Office at Cross Campus.
  • First employee of *newzcard.
  • Worked directly with CEO, CTO and President to concept and design initial products.
  • Re-designed branding and logo.
  • Designed all company business cards.
  • Designed investor presentation materials.
  • Designed marketing materials.
  • Designed office space to match company look and feel.
  • Designed iOS wireframes and flowcharts for UI/UX.
  • Designed iOS apps.
  • Co-hired first iOS developer to build MVP and V1 apps.
  • Designed multiple iterations of iOS app.
  • Tested and QA'd all iOS releases and reported back comprehensive detailed lists to development team.
  • Designed web and mobile-web products to be responsive on Bootstrap. 
  • Worked with remote and overseas development companies in the US and Tel Aviv to get MVPs working.
  • Co-hired newzcard's first two in house developers (Systems Architect and Full Stack) along with CEO and CTO. 
  • Assisted in relocating both developers to Los Angeles to work internally.
  • Worked directly with our dev team to get first products to market.
  • Interviewed multiple front-end developers to add to our internal product team.
  • Co-hired first front-end developer to work internally.
  • Assisted marketing with social media initiatives where needed. 
  • Networked and represented *newzcard at tech events.

Strategic decision making within project parameters, technical requirements & brand design guidelines.






Patrick T. Gorman

"Strategic Digital, UI/UX, Concept & Visual Designer | Director."

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12 years senior professional. I'm equally creative and logical. I've spent my career strategically listening, learning, adapting, designing and developing digital solutions for global brands, ad agencies, emerging technologies, startups and online businesses. I've diversified my knowledge and experience by servicing multiple industries throughout my career. My creative and technology ideas have improved product, user experience, customer conversion, and adoption strategy for many companies. When I'm designing new products, I always think about the end consumer first. This intuition helps me connect more people with products and technology in the hopes to better improve their experience.




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