Specializing in digital creative & technology services.

12 years senior professional.

I focused on diversifying my experience and career capabilities through servicing multiple industries, agencies, companies and startups. Both in-house full time and contracted. This allowed me to gain more skills, knowledge and insights in an ever changing technology landscape. Rather than stay in-house for 10 years at one company, learning one technology. I challenged myself with each project and worked very hard to add strategic value each time.



Patrick T. Gorman

"Senior Technology & Business Professional"

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/patricktylergorman.


I believe in people and that passion is what inspires me!


I'm equally creative and logical. I've spent my career strategically listening, learning, adapting, designing and developing digital solutions for global brands, ad agencies, startups and small businesses. I've diversified my knowledge and experience by servicing multiple industries throughout my career. My creative and technology ideas have improved product, user experience, customer conversion, and adoption strategy for many companies. When I'm designing new products, I always think about the end consumer first. This intuition helps me connect more people with products and technology in the hopes to better improve their experience.




While I was living in California, I was surrounded by innovation and projects. At one point I was mentoring multiple innovative startup companies in Santa Monica and DTLA, and was the founder and inventor of several unique technologies funded and non-funded. Before leaving California, I spent several years building distributive bike share to help assist in our companies goal to fight congestion and pollution globally. All while supplying access to low cost, affordable transportation in the U.S. and the rest of the developed/sub-developed worlds.  

Before that I spent many years working in-house or contracted on projects for some of the nations most well known companies and brands. From this diverse experience I gained more insights, skills and knowledge. Working alongside intelligent people challenges you to think deeper and work through problems you may otherwise give up on. My success comes from the ability to adapt to others and bring alternative perspectives. 




After 3 years of research, I decided to relocate to beautiful Colorado to be closer to nature and start my family. I have 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful partner to share my life with. California was too expensive to raise a family so we decided Colorado would be a fun change of pace.

While in Colorado I worked on servicing small business clients, while picking up some bigger projects as they came in. Colorado's technology industry is still growing so I was shocked to discover that my diverse experience landed me in the classification of "over qualified." In-order to make a living, I took on my own clients as a result. It was very rewarding to serve the community but I do long for those more challenging projects.

So we're saying goodbye. We love Colorado! The nature, the mountains, the lakes. It's beautiful! Unfortunately before moving we didn't know that the lakes are hyperthermic, so no swimming. At that point we decided to look at Florida and Texas since we both love those states!




Here we come Austin! I'm looking for new opportunities in Texas. My family loves everything Austin provides. We're putting roots down and building a home. I'm excited to be a part of a new community that I've loved for so long! SXSW!!! That's where I met google for the first time and changed my career path. Austin tech, very well respected throughout the industry! I've seen so many cool technologies come out of Texas!  

With that said, I have a healthy work ethic and believe in others and myself. I can't wait to make new connections, work on new projects and be apart of the Austin tech community!  


Thank you for your time. Please feel free to reach out!