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Patrick Tyler Gorman

Patrick Tyler Gorman

"Senior Technology & Business Professional"


Meyers Briggs: INTJ / INTP




The Limited Project Portfolio Showcase of Patrick Tyler Gorman. Professionally, I'm a Senior Technology & Business Professional with over 15 years of proven success and leadership designing, managing, innovating and leading teams in large global markets.


I believe in people and that passion is what inspires me!


I'm equally creative and logical. I've spent my career listening, learning, adapting and designing products for Global Brands, Ad Agencies, Startups and Small Businesses in multiple industries. My creative and marketing ideas have improved product design, user experience, customer conversion, adoption and strategy for many companies. When I design, I am always thinking about the end consumer first. This intuition helps me connect more people with products and technology in the hopes to better improve their lives.




While I was living in California, I was running multiple innovative startup companies in Santa Monica / Venice ("Silicon Beach") and was the founder and inventor of several unique technologies. Recently, I spent several intense years building a highly qualified senior executive team to help assist in executing our visions and goals to fight congestion and pollution globally, while bringing low cost affordable transportation to the U.S. and the rest of the developed / sub-developed worlds. 

I am currently the shareholder of several companies as well as I mentor early stage to senior level entrepreneurs to help navigate and understand the complexities and risk in products, technology and business in a digital world.




After 3 years of research, I decided to relocate to beautiful Colorado to be closer to nature and start new endeavors. I hope to be a positive inspiration to the people and the preservation of this wonderful state. I hope to assist organizations that use best business practices to impact people's lives in a positive way. After 15 years of diverse experience, I'm ready to settle down, establish roots and assist others achieve their goals where my value fits.

I have a healthy work ethic. Once I'm fixated on something, I take a hands on approach to seeing things through. 


Thank you for your interest! Please feel free to ask anything you'd like.