GoPro: Hero3 App Official

Mobile Application UI/UX, Concept & Visual Designer.

September 2012 – November 2012  |  3 months  |  Los Angeles, CA.

I worked with a team of 7 creative individuals to concept and design a mobile application for internal sales associates and consumers to learn more about the amazing products GoPro creates and sales. Once hired, I proposed we integrate the consumer side application into this version as well and make permission based logins. Instead of having 2 apps. One for B2B and one for C2C didn't make sense since it was a lot of the same information and content. That direction was accepted by GoPro's executives and the application was cleared for development.


  • Feature concepts.
  • Senior UI/UX design.
  • Senior visual design.
  • Connected iPhone to GoPro camera.
  • Consolidated B2B and C2C apps into one.

Strategic decision making within project parameters, technical requirements & brand design guidelines.




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