ItsGoinOn: Real Time Social Hotspots

ItsGoinOn: Real Time Social Hotspots

Position: CEO & CoFounder




  • Conceptualized new innovative mobile and internet application technology for entertainment.
  • Spent 3 months researching market and opportunities.
  • Founded initial team of CoFounders.
  • Designed logo, branding, website, UI/UX, mobile applications and all additional creative.
  • Filed and structured corporation and trademarks.
  • Grew initial team from 3 to 6.
  • Raised seed investment with CoFounders.
  • Grew team from 6 people to 17 and signed partnership agreements with Magtek ( ) and Infinite Peripherals ( ...the readers in Apple's retail locations ).
  • Took our MyDoorman (real time patron management system) iOS application to market and closed 41 new accounts in Los Angeles & Orange County the first 4 months after releasing to iTunes market place.
  • KTLA News aired a 3 minute video piece on our application at a few accounts in Downtown Los Angeles. The reporter challenged us on privacy (which came up often)... our establishments and the consumers that entered the establishments supported our application.
  • Released V2 Products.
  • Signed partnership agreements with TriArc Events and iLeftWord Entertainment.
  • Worked with WME (William Morris Endeavor) to package up our company into a reality TV show based on young internet entrepreneurs setting out to disrupt the hospitality/entertainment industry with new technology. I was against it at first but I entertained it with my partners and looked at it from a brand marketing perspective to gain faster user adoption and downloads.