LA Estate Rentals: Premiere Luxury Rentals Official

Senior Web Designer.

LA Estate Rentals is a luxury property management company that rents out homeowners estates and mansions for short term and vacation rentals. Think of Airbnb for athletes, musicians, celebrities and politicians. The owner and I met one day in Santa Monica, CA. After chatting for about 30 minutes we exchanged information. After several months of discussing his company and challenges, he asked me to assist him. At the time this company was grossing $40m+ a year with no website or booking service. Similar to the way startups operate with few resources. Just instagram, text message, email, word of mouth and agents. My responsibility was to build/integrate a website and property management/booking system. Unfortunately due to the privacy contracts in place with homeowners and clients, property details were not allowed to be publicly displayed by LA Estate Rentals. This alone did not allow LA Estate Rentals to move forward with exclusive contracts or utilize 3rd party property management/booking software. My work was brought to a hold. After discussing what resources it would take to build custom software with the CEO, he decided the funds and time weren't feasible for him. While there, I put together the growth strategy for expanding internationally and I was offered COO. I decided to walk away from this. The level of responsibility to the clients was more than I wanted to surround myself with. I'm humble in my origins.


  • Offered COO.
  • Negotiated exclusive contract with
  • Shopify ecommerce development.
  • Senior web design.
  • CSS reworked.
  • Integrated 3rd party apps.
  • Automation setup.
  • SEO.
  • Social media push & pull.
  • Exclusive contracts negotiated.
  • Consulting.

Strategic decision making within project parameters, technical requirements & brand design guidelines.




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