Fox Racing: Web Graphics Official

Contract: Web | Ecommerce Consultant & Visual Designer.

September 2010 – November 2010  |  3 months  |  Irvine, CA.

After leaving Nike/Hurley/Cons I started working for 24 Seven again. Through their contracts I was hired to work in-house at Fox Racing headquarters in Irvine, CA. While at Fox, I worked on their new website/ecommerce platform that was rolling out. I consulted them on UI/UX and redesigned their PDP (product description pages) to be a bit more engaging. Otherwise the site was beautiful. I had learned some conversion strategies and felt Fox Racing could benefit from my experience. This was early day ecommerce and I had just left Nike/Hurley/Cons as Hurley's Senior Web Designer and Flash Developer. I do not have those PDP design files unfortunately. I'm under NDA's on this project. I did get the chance to do some photoshop headers for their category pages they didn't mind I use for my portfolio. While their I assisted in QA testing the new site for launch.


  • 72 ppi.
  • Senior UI/UX design.
  • Senior visual design.
  • Image manipulation.
  • Assisted in Launching new version of
  • Consulted on user engagement and acquisition models, UI/UX design, and new mobile application concepts for engaging their audience.
  • Reworked product description pages (PDP) on ecommerce website.
  • Ran QA on new code features and reported back to development team with detailed instructions on how I was able to break code.
  • Designed category landing page headers for new website launch.

Strategic decision making within project parameters, technical requirements & brand design guidelines.




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