Lucky Brand: 2012 Official

HQ: Senior Web, UI/UX & Visual Designer.

June 2011 – July 2012  |  1 year 1 month  |  Los Angeles, CA.

After running ItsGoinOn for several years and the 2008-2009 technology crash, I accepted full time employment with LuckyBrand Jeans (Liz Claiborne Inc). My experience in house with action sports apparel companies aloud me to easily transition into more traditional fashion. I accepted the Senior Web Designer position and spent over a year improving, along side with the marketing and technology teams. Together we increased conversion, improved daily traffic, increased email ROI and solidified as an integral revenue model to the companies growth. I aided in the online IPO that allowed all consumers/investors to now invest in Fifth & Pacific INC... the new public company of Liz Claiborne INC. The CEO of Fifth & Pacific wanted to use a third party Facebook app for the Initial Public Offering. The night before the IPO, none of Fifth & Pacific's affiliate companies had the software working. A coworker and I took action ourselves. We went home, stayed up all night, got it working hours before, and took it upon ourselves to contact the affiliate companies and aid in integrating it before the CEO went LIVE on TV with the IPO, the very next morning EST. We were located in PST. The best thing was our team and the people that I had the pleasure of working alongside with at LuckyBrand! We solved problems and increased business. Looking back, the amount of work we achieved was impressive even today. We did it with respect for each other, as a team.


  • Re-designed on a 960 Grid to be responsive and compatible across all mobile and tablet devices.
  • Designed 84 seasonal product marketing emails in 5 months to support online marketing and drive sales back to
  • Designed 63 homepage creatives over 12 months to support online merchandising and marketing.
  • Designed LuckyBrand’s custom blog “A Lucky Life”.
  • Designed all digital look books to showcase product styles.
  • Designed all digital denim guides to help inform our customers about our different denim fits.
  • Designed the majority of all "special projects" for multiple departments.
  • Interviewed and hired additional designers and 1 developer to support online brand initiatives.
  • Designed web banner marketing campaigns.

      Strategic decision making within project parameters, technical requirements & brand design guidelines.




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