Affiliated: Lifestyle Apparel Co. Official

Senior Flash Designer & Developer.

April 2008 – July 2008  |  4 months  |  Orange County, CA.

Affiliated is a lifestyle apparel company that's focused on rock & roll. Their heavy metal vibe mixed with urban street culture and some punk rock is what defines their style. This was a Flash site I designed and built for them. Unfortunately Flash isn't supported much today, however back when it was, it was amazing. They wanted something cool and different online to set themselves apart. Nothing static. I built them a fully animated site with a vinyl record player for their MP3s to play. The record player spun while the songs played. They loved it. How I miss Flash.


  • Senior UI/UX design.
  • Flash web development.
  • Animations.
  • Custom MP3 player.
  • Consulting.
  • Men's apparel design. 

Strategic decision making within project parameters, technical requirements & brand design guidelines.





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Patrick T. Gorman

15+ yrs Strategic Leadership and Innovation in Software & iOT. I'm equally creative and logical. I've spent my career strategically listening, learning, adapting, designing & developing software for Fortune500’s, Ad Agencies, Startups, Emerging Technologies and Online Businesses. I've diversified my knowledge and experience by servicing multiple industries throughout my career. My creative and technology ideas have improved product, user experience, customer conversion, and adoption strategy for many companies. When I'm designing new products, I always think about the end consumer first. This intuition helps me connect more people with products and technology in the hopes to better improve their experience.



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