Ivan Tedesco: The Hurley Times asks Pat Gorman

MOTO-MOUTH: We made some heavy claims about our new Supercross athlete, Ivan Tedesco. And guess what? They're already coming to pass. Ivan took fourth in the main event this Saturday in Phoenix during round two of the AMA Supercross Series. The Hurley Times wasn't really sure what this meant, so it asked our resident Supercross guru, Pat Gorman. For all you surf turkeys, Gorman said, "It's kind of like making the semis of an ASP World Tour event with a shot at making the final." So, there you go. - Evan Slater "Hurley Times"

Nate Adams and I hanging out at Supercross in the pro rider only section. One of my all time favorite FMX riders. 

Pro FMX rider Thomas Alves. Thomas is a good friend. I've done graphic work and photography for him. I was riding with Thomas in Phoenix when I broke my shoulder off an 80' double on my Honda CR250 FMX mod. Next day I was running around with my camera and a shoulder sling. Nothing stops me from my work.